Beyond the Bible: How God’s Teachings Still Influence Modern Values

The teachings of God have had a profound impact on human society, influencing our values and shaping the way we live our lives. Let's explore at least ten ways in which God's teachings continue to influence modern values in areas such as ethics, human dignity, service, compassion, peace, family, education, charity, forgiveness, and hope. These... Continue Reading →

Proverbs 8: The Call Of Wisdom And Advice

I. Introduction: The Call of Wisdom (Verses 1-11) Proverbs 8 is a chapter that emphasizes the importance of wisdom. Once again, the writer personifies the virtuous woman as opposed to the adulterous one. The virtuous woman calls out to people and urges them to seek her, just like the Lord does in our lives. For... Continue Reading →

Avoiding the Trap of Temptation: Proverbs 7 and the Wisdom of God

I. Introduction The book of Proverbs is a collection of wisdom literature that provides practical guidance for living a wise and virtuous life. There are several themes that the main author, King Solomon, writes about in his journey as King of Israel. For instance, he speaks on wisdom, virtue, relationships, work, money, and justice. All... Continue Reading →

Unpacking the Mystery of the Trinity: Exploring Scripture, History, and Theology

I. Introduction B.B. Warfield, a prominent theologian and former professor at Princeton Theological Seminary, once said this concerning the doctrine of the Trinity: "The doctrine of the Trinity is the foundation of the Christian religion. Without this doctrine, the whole edifice of Christian faith and practice crumbles." In this blog post, my goal is to... Continue Reading →

From Humble Beginnings to Worldwide Impact: A Brief History of the Early Christian Church

Introduction From the birth of Jesus Christ to the Protestant Reformation, the early Christian Church experienced a series of significant events that have had a profound impact on the development of Christianity and the wider world. These events include the life and teachings of Jesus, the spread of Christianity throughout the Roman Empire, the establishment... Continue Reading →

From Persecutor to Preacher: Paul’s Personal Testimony in Galatians 1

I. Introduction (1:1-5) Paul introduces himself as an apostle of Jesus Christ, and greets the Galatians with a message of grace and peace. In the Bible, an apostle is generally defined as a person who is sent out on a mission or commission, usually by God or Jesus Christ, to preach the gospel and establish... Continue Reading →

Finding Peace In The Storm: A Christian’s Guide To Handling Anxiety

Finding peace in the midst of life's storms can be challenging, but God has given us at least 5 tools we need to help handle our anxiety. They include turning to God in prayer, reading the Bible, seeking fellowship with others, practicing stewardship, and trusting in God's plan. Let's discuss each spiritual discipline in detail.... Continue Reading →

Proverbs 6: A Roadmap to Personal Responsibility and Moral Living

Proverbs 6 is divided into three main sections: 1. warning against co-signing a loan for someone else, warning against laziness and immorality, and wisdom's benefits and warnings. Let's discuss each specific topic in detail. Warning against co-signing a loan for someone (Proverbs 6:1-5) This section begins with a warning to avoid becoming responsible for someone... Continue Reading →

Proverbs 5: The Dangers of Adultery And The Call To Fidelity

Introduction (Proverbs 5:1-2) Proverbs 5 primarily focuses on the theme of sexual morality. The main points of this chapter include paying attention to God's word, fleeing from the adulterous woman, finding fulfillment in your own wife, holding fast to marital fidelity, and the consequences of lust and immorality are severe. At the time of this... Continue Reading →

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