Poem: God Is The World’s Remedy

My inward fears slowly assuage When I trust the Ancient of Days. Though people enervate my soul The King of Kings is there to console. The world can be mean and cruel. That's why God's great love must rule. So invade my heart and my mind. Then people will know you are kind. When your... Continue Reading →

Poem: God of Mercy

Have mercy on me God! According to your grace. For I am deeply flawed Just like the human race. Forgive my sin again. Cover me by your love. I will repent only when I trust in thee above. You are my solid rock. My Holy Shepherd King. I am part of your flock. To you... Continue Reading →

Poem: Does The World Care What You Write?

Does anyone care what you say? Does anyone care what you write? Does it really matter anyway? If your words give God delight? So speak words that set you free So write words that calm the soul. So you can truly be "the real me." Letting God fill your cup full. © Chad Damitz, 2020

Poem: Escape From The City

In this compact, bustling city. I long to see the starry night. To escape this smoggy sight. Missing valley tulips so pretty. Instead of daily honking horns. Let's hear the bluebirds sing and fly. Instead of red lights flashing by. Let's run in green flat fields of corn. They say--A city full of dreams. A... Continue Reading →

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