Poem: God, Are You Hiding From Us?

God, are you hiding from us? Or are we hiding from you? People do slander and cuss. But there are good people too. Who want to be neighborly. They tell me: "God, we can't see." He conceals in the starry night Like a wild unguided kite. Of course the evil man is blind. To the... Continue Reading →

Poem: Made from Dust For Glory

I was created for you. Dreams that you already knew. Clay within the potters hand. You breathed into this dusty land. Man became a living soul. Flesh and bones finally whole. A garden full of delight. Perfect taste, touch, hear, smell, sight. Until the beguiling snake Tempted mankind to forsake The God of mercy and... Continue Reading →

Poem: Dear Embittered Soul

The embittered soul Cast it's shadow on The world stage at dawn Draining what was full. Emotions within Snatched away all hope. Lost power to cope Ushering in sin. Can the birds still sing? Will the sun still shine? Is everything fine? Soul, did you lose your wings? Forgive, and you will fly. Love, and... Continue Reading →

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