My Poems End With Hope

Relentless waves come crashing in. I turn upside down and begin to spin. No boat to dock. No lighthouse to guide. Just a merciless moon rising the tide. Cold. Wet. Dark. No direction to go. Am I drowning in a sea of woe? It can't be. This is not the end of my story! Wake... Continue Reading →

Poem: Misjudged Cry

A stranger walked by and wondered why I stared at the sky and began to cry. He patted me on the back and sobbed too. My friend. My friend. I am just like you! The world can be sad, cruel, and mean. I know exactly what you have seen. "Thanks," I replied. But these are... Continue Reading →

Poem: O’ Soul, Awaken!

Open the windows. Oh, you must. Before your soul turns into dust. Smell the flowers and feel the wind. Wake up your sleepy soul my friend. Unlock the doors. Oh, you must. Before your soul turns into rust. Taste the fruit and hear peaceful sounds. Free your soul from chains that bound. © Chad Damitz,... Continue Reading →

Poem: Dear Jasper Tree, Are You Free?

Hello lovely jasper tree Sitting in the sun with me. Lookout. Don't you see? Eager birds. Flying so free. Are you jealous? Are you sad? Are you happy? Are you mad? Do you like what you really are? A stuck timber who can't go far. Being rooted in the ground. Yes. I am content. Look... Continue Reading →

Poem: Through The Seasons I Look To God

When it's been a bitter winter And the cold gets longer each day. I put my hope in the heavenly realm. For the Lord my God knows the way. When it's been a harsh stormy spring And the thunder is full of wrath. I put my trust in God's kingdom. For Jesus my Savior lights... Continue Reading →

Poem: You Can Be Great

Jump further than an eager frog. Dance greater than the smooth rain. Fight stronger than a mad dog. Cry louder than an anxious crane. Listen better than an alert bat. Climb higher than the lofty sky. Run quicker than a happy cat. Dream more than a determined fly. © Chad Damitz, 2020.

Poem: The River Journey

Canoeing through the river stream. My soul melding into nature's dream. Lost in the charm of God's creation. Running from countless vexations. As the rapid river flows and bends. Where do I go when this river ends? Into the mouth of an endless sea Or a bordered lake restraining me? © Chad Damitz, 2020.

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