Poem: The Weary Wind Finds It’s Home

Whistling wind searching for home. Valleys, Oceans, forests it roams. Dancing alone above the frosty lake. Like a slithering foggy-white snake. The wind carries a melodious tune. Sailing around hot sand dunes. "I need to rest!" says the wind. A house is open around the bend. Sneaking through the cedar door. It rests on the... Continue Reading →

Poem: Who Is Knocking At My Front Door?

Who's that knocking on my front door? So rapid. So hasty. Shaking the floor. I peeked through the window hole. To my surprise, there was no soul. I rubbed my eyes and looked twice. Ah man! Alcoholism--a hideous vice. Illusions. Nightmares. Pain and anxiety. Drinking the bottle doesn't make you free. It enslaves you to... Continue Reading →

Poem: Wondering Under The Crisp Blue Moon

As I gaze upon this crisp blue moon. Under the blanket by the campfire. My soul longs to be much higher. Like a butterfly freed from her cocoon. If I spread my wings and fly away. My soul will journey to endless seas. Opening doors with nature's keys. All will be sunny and no longer... Continue Reading →

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