Haiku Poem: Summer Lake Fun

Lake pier in eyesight. Run. Jump. Splash. Cold. Swim. Relax. Joyful memories. Growing up, our family would take trips in the summer to Lake Monticello, Indiana. I vividly remember jumping off the lake pier into the cold water with my cousins. We would jump off the deck and see who could land on the Intertubes... Continue Reading →

Haiku Poem: Free Verse Poetry

Free verse poetry Saying rules restrict freedom? False liberation. Free verse is art just like formal poetry. There are many great poets who have well-crafted poems in free verse. That being said, in my opinion, modern poetry is deconstructing syntax, grammar, rhyme, meter, and rules. This leads people to believe that self-expression is more important... Continue Reading →

Haiku Poem: Where The Ocean Meets The Beach

Nestled between toes Cool sand tucked beneath the beach While the waves crash in. The beach is a great place to form memories. My family and I live in Florida. I remember helping my son build a sandcastle for the first time. It will forever be etched into my memory. When I visit the beach,... Continue Reading →

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