Haiku Poem: The Mountain Top View

On the mountaintop Gazing at the land below. A place called nowhere. Nowhere is an unfounded territory. While it hasn't been named or claimed, this land belongs to nature and ultimately God. God did create us to cultivate the land, but to treat it with respect. We are to be good stewards of our natural... Continue Reading →

Haiku Poem: Season Exchange

Knock. Knock. Fall, come in. Hang your hat and please sit down. Winter, wake up. Go! Fall has done his part. He shed the leaves from the tree and brought a cool breeze to the landscape. Fall was kind enough to give us various colors and the harvesting of the land. Thank you fall! But... Continue Reading →

Haiku Poem: Windowpane Soul

Windy rain sneaks in through my rigid windowpane. Tears fall out my eyes. Storms of life come upon us quickly. Betrayal, loss of a friend, disease, and unemployment are just a few common afflictions we experience. In our storms, we try to hold in the emotions. We bottle them inside thinking that this is the... Continue Reading →

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