Haiku Poem: King of Glory

The King of glory. All the trees will clap their hands. For you are worthy. God created the entire cosmos. He created giraffes, birds, monkeys, trees, you and me. Therefore, He is worthy to be worshipped. The trees clapping their hands is an anthropomorphic image used in Scripture. It expresses how God is worthy to... Continue Reading →

Haiku Poem: Thirsty For God

Oh Holy Spirit. Like a deer pants for water So I thirst for you. The Psalmist from the Bible talks about being thirsty for God. He uses a wonderful analogy, comparing our thirst for knowing God like a deer who pants for water. We need God every day. His Holy Spirit can satisfy all our... Continue Reading →

Haiku Poem: Ocean Tide

Ocean tide changes. The shell is able to breathe. Full moon gives new hope. The moon is about 239,000 miles from the Earth and is able to change the tides in the ocean. Isn't that incredible? I thought about the shell, who had an arduous journey to finally land onshore. The tide helped it get... Continue Reading →

Haiku Poem: Eternal Seed

The seed is buried. It quickly sprouts from the ground To the afterlife. When we plant a seed into the ground, it has the capacity to grow into a beautiful flower or a massive tree. Isn't that amazing? Meditate on this truth for a second. Growing up, I enjoyed going to the local park. The... Continue Reading →

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