Haiku Poem: Metamorphosis

The caterpillar. Metamorphosis delight. Flying to freedom. What an amazing insect. When I first heard that a caterpillar turned into a butterfly, I was shocked. It took me a few years before I finally believed it. Metamorphosis is the right terminology for this change. It is radical. From the larval stage to the adult stage... Continue Reading →

Haiku Poem: Pinwheels Of The Sky

Vast Galaxies Swirl. Rotating disks of bright stars Like a pinwheel toy. Growing up, my art teacher would have us make pinwheels. These toys were made of plastic curls that would attach to a stick by a pin. Their colorful design was mesmerizing when they would spin in the wind. The galaxies in the universe... Continue Reading →

Haiku Poem: Unique Creation

All snowflakes unique. The iris in our eyes too. Watching the ice fall.  Have you noticed how each snowflake has its own unique pattern? The same is true for the iris in our eyes. The complex pattern of nature in snow and the eyes in Earth's creatures resonate with my soul. To me, this view... Continue Reading →

Haiku Poem: Bittersweet Moment

Busy bees swarm now As the bear claws for honey. Bittersweet nature. The bees are working hard to build their nest where they store honey, house their future generation, and protect themselves from the outside world. But the bear is hungry. He enjoys the taste of honey and the ample protein from the larvae inside... Continue Reading →

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