Poem: My Dearest Outcasts

Good morning outcasts Roaming around like ghosts Do you feel jaded the most? Well listen to these words now: You are loved by God most High He died for your many sins So you could live righteous again. You are not hidden from His eyes. You may be ignored by people A shadow ousted from... Continue Reading →

Chaotic World Poem

We live in a chaotic world indeed Violence, discrimination, and greed. What has this mad world come to? Is there any hope for radical change? Look past our differences friend Politics doesn't matter in the end If we can't love one another For simply being human. There has got to be a better way This... Continue Reading →

Poem: Window of Joy

I gaze through my window pane Flowers blossoming in gentle rain. I open the glass for a better view Hands get wet from morning dew. The jaybirds chirp a song so sweet Smell of gardenia can't be beat As the sun slowly warms my face I can only picture Gods lovely grace. He made this... Continue Reading →

Poem: Inescapable Time

Time is swiftly passing by Years turn into days Days turn into hours Hours turn into seconds. Time will not stand still. It doesn't beckon at our will. As we grow tired and old Through quicksand we hold Our precious memories of the past They slip through our hands so fast. As we near the... Continue Reading →

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