Poem: Empathy for Drug Addicts

Addiction can happen to anyone Victims of this disease are shunned. Society says, "This is your fault." Don't use genetics as your default. You made the decision to use You chose to take the drug to abuse. But only if society really knew This is not fully true. I hate my addiction just like you.... Continue Reading →

Poem: Political Peace Possible?

Political strife in our land Country sinking like quick sand. A house divided will surely fall The writing is already on the wall. What should our nation do? Come together for me and for you. Dear leaders of this great nation Take heed to what we are facin. Stop blaming and pointing fingers Don't allow... Continue Reading →

Be Kind No Matter What Poem

Stand up for what is right. Do good and treat others well Don't take virtue out of sight Even if people are rude and yell. Chances are they are bitter and sad Because they have been mocked. This makes them angry and mad But you don't let them be knocked. Show them pure love and... Continue Reading →

God Shares a Story with Creation

Dear God, Thank you for the elegant show Unique patterns of every drop of snow. Which reminds me that I am unique, Even if the world wants me to conform. Thank you for the mountains and trees And marvelous waves crashing in the seas. Which reminds me you are quite the artist, Even when the... Continue Reading →

Yom Kippur and Jonah Point to Jesus

Sermon by Chad A. Damitz Introduction Yom Kippur is the holiest day of the Jewish year. It is considered the Sabbath of Sabbaths. It represents the atonement of repentance and forgiveness. Once a year, the high priest enters the holy of holies to sprinkle the blood of a bull offered and a goat as atonement... Continue Reading →

Suspend Time

Time used to pace with a snail But now its faster than the cheetah. You try to grasp every moment But it slips like sand through your hands. At ten school is unbearably slow. At twenty time begins to really flow. At thirty the hour turns into seconds. At forty time cautiously beckons. At fifty... Continue Reading →

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