God of all Creation

This God is the Beginning and End. He is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. He is the "I Am who I Am." The One who died for all who sinned. Whisperer of that still small voice Hovering my ear with gentleness. How can this be our lofty Creator? His gentle power is a... Continue Reading →

Unbroken in a Broken World

Remain unbroken in a broken world. Stay godly in an ungodly world. Remain positive in a negative world. Stay brave in an unbrave world. Remain honest in a dishonest world. Stay hopeful in a hopeless world. Remain friendly in a mean world. Stay faithful in a faithless world. Remain hardworking in a lazy world. Stay... Continue Reading →

Being Thankful is Good For The Soul

I am thankful for God. I am thankful for life. I am thankful for my wife. I am thankful for my two sons. I am thankful for a job. I am thankful for education. I am thankful for my parents. I am thankful for my brothers. I am thankful for sunny days. I am thankful... Continue Reading →

Worry Overcomer

Worry is such a crude beast It freezes and cripples me. It never shows any mercy. It's like being tossed in the sea In the middle of a raging storm. I must cry out. Yes I do! "Jesus, My Lord, I need you!" Help me calm down Deliver me from this dread Because in the... Continue Reading →

Day at the Zoo

Going to the zoo without a care Zebras, giraffes, elephants, bears kangaroos, lions, birds everywhere. Take a lunch break on a wooden chair Mom has a sandwich, I have a pear. Next exhibit: Sumatran Tiger--how rare! A mountain lion--sign says beware. Also saw a racka with lots of hair then after the zoo we went... Continue Reading →

Rusted Nail

"Dangit!" I stepped on a rusted nail now I need to go to urgent care jail. Waiting here to get my tetanus shot air conditioner not working--getting hot. But I will joyfully fight through this dread, considering that in the past, no vaccine would leave me dead. Thank you, thank you, modern medicine.

Lobes of the Brain

Frontal, parietal, occipital, and temporal. These four lobes of the brain are really quite simple. The frontal lobe involves memory and problem solving. It is, in theory, the latest evolving. The parietal is above the temporal and behind the frontal lobe station. It controls both sensory and spatial orientation. The occipital is the smallest lobe of them all.... Continue Reading →

Groundhog Day

That vexing phone dancing on the nightstand. Bvvr. Bvvr. I reluctantly reached it with my hand. Time to get up and begin Groundhog Day. Take a shower. Brush my teeth. Comb my hair the same way. Pass by the familiar stoplight. Ray's gas station on the left and Walmart to my right. Open the office... Continue Reading →

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