6 Strategies for Developing Proper Care in Counseling

There are at least six biblical strategies for developing a caring relationship with your counselees. They include trusted friendship, giving proper advice, expressing honor and love, demonstrating care through action, meeting their daily needs, and showing respect. The first strategy is a trusted friendship. The Bible includes many verses on friendship (Lk. 6:31; Rom. 12:10;... Continue Reading →

Five Important Aspects to Establish in Christian Counseling

What issues should be covered in an introductory session with a counselee regardless of the counseling issue? The first session is paramount to a healthy counseling relationship. It establishes a connection between the counselor and the counselee. For instance, the counselee may actively discern if the counselor is congenial and willing to support them throughout... Continue Reading →

Are Atheists Insecure About Their Worldview?

In this article, I am interested in observing the sociological phenomenon concerning the Atheist community as it relates to falsely labeling, and in extreme cases, deifying particular scientists against their will. Moreover, there is a pattern in the Atheist community to associate historical persons as having a nonreligious disposition despite strong evidence to the contrary.... Continue Reading →

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